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Stitching Threads

HDPE/PP Yarn finds its applications across various sectors within the polymer industry wherever mechanical/electronic stitches are required. Woven sacks, bags, tarpaulin tops, and FIBC {Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container} bags need high-quality stitching threads. Siddhivinnayak Industries manufactures polypropylene-based plastic yarns and HD PolyEthylene fabricated polymer threads with UV base. Polypropylene and HDPE stitching threads at our industry are made using the highest quality raffia-grade granules by Reliance. This ensures a uniform molecular polymerized structure along with better tensile strengths.

To meet the product specification requirements of our clients, we offer maximum customizability and quality assurance. Our stitching threads are maintained within the qualitative range of 700 denier to 4500 denier and offered in multiple colors.

Thanks to our progressive manufacturing unit, we can offer the best-in-class plastic threads and plastic yarns at competitive prices. Cutting-edge threading technologies and machinery at Siddhivinnayak Industries enable us to execute every work-order within the timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Threads and Yarns

HDPE/PP plastic threads by Siddhivinnayak Industries have the following properties:

  • Reliance HDPE/PP raffia-grade granules as raw materials
  • 700 to 4500 denier thickness for various requirements
  • Polymer yarns made with a UV base
  • Strong, customizable, and durable stitching threads
  • 40-55 microns thick tapes
  • Length range of 30 to 700 meters

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