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Bopp Adhesive Tape

As one of the most useful product for packaging, BOPP Adhesive Tape is one of our primme products that has a huge demand in the industry. Siddhivinnayak Industries manufactures custom-printed BOPP tapes of widths ranging from 12mm to 288 mm. Our range of signature tapes provide a branding opportunity with Siddhivinnayak’s custom-made BOPP tapes.

These self-adhesive tapes are made using high-quality Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene for providing a strong packaging support. Indian companies procure our BOPP Tapes for their exceptional adhesion properties and strength. The higher temperature/pressure resistance helps to protect their products during transit and handling. These self-sticking tapes are tamper-proof, with a thickness range of 40 microns to 55 microns. The adhesive tapes are ideal for usage with automatic packing machines. Our exclusive line of plastic tapes are manufactured in the range of 30 meters to 700 meters length.


The BOPP tape must have smooth surface characteristics, good elongation, soft and flexible to give good conformability, transparency of pigmentation and temperature resistance.

  • Material :

    Bopp Film

  • Adhesive :

    Acrylic water base Adhesive

  • Thickness :

    40 to 55 Micron

  • Roll Width :

    12mm to 288 mm and many more as on request

  • Roll Length :

    30 meter to 700 meter

  • Colour :

    Clear, Brown, Milky white, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Purple and As per Customer demand

Special features

Siddhivinnayak Industries BOPP Tapes have the following properties

  • Better adhesion and quality
  • Strong packing support
  • Width of 12mm to 288mm
  • Self-sticking BOPP tapes
  • 40-55 microns thick tapes
  • Length range of 30 to 700 meters

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